What is Social Tourism?

Social Tourism is a way of responsible & sustainable travel in a cost effective manner. It helps both the travelers and the visiting community. It has been the pioneer concept in building up a quality relationship between the host and trvelers. In fact, it's a community-based tourism; that enables tavelers to discover the local habitats and wildlife along with the celebration of traditional cultures and wisdom.

Social Tourism provides an opportunity to combine travel with a community-based tourism activites in Nepal, including UNESCO enlisted and unlisted historical-cultural-spiritual heritage sightseeing, adventure trip of hiking, trekking, Paragliding, bungy jumping, rafting & safari tour for wildlife & Birdwatching.

Volunteering in community is the most recommened program for internship, gap year or career breaker or sabbatical travelers.

As a result, it increases community awareness of the commercial and social value placed on their natural and cultural heritage, and encourages the community to conserve these resources. So take an initiative and be a part of positive change. It contributes a community through your travel. Let's travel together for better world & culture generatin.

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