Education for Children

Social Tourism Nepal welcomes participants and interns to help and support in the various sites to set up new Education & Child Care programs and work in our already established programs. Only together can we make a difference and increase the potential and development of the children! By contacting the local government and making them aware on how and why to improve their Education & Child Care programs can we make an impact. After authorization of the local government and acceptance of our specific program details only then can we start our work.
           A project can take many months and unfortunately not every participant can witness the start and ending of a single program. Not to fear as there is a lot of work to be done. We start with a cultural tour in Nepal to get to know the Nepalese lifestyles, different ethnical groups and culture. After this informative tour we can start the real work. Participants can aid us in designing the best programs suited to the specific villages. After acceptance of our work we can stay in the rural villages and help with smaller works such as handwork to build schools or education centers, help with teacher training and advising on the newest teaching methods. Social Tourism Nepal believes strongly that by educating the younger generation of teachers we can make a lasting impact. We will need to support of the local government to make sure the local community stays on the correct path. Furthermore participants can donate new school or educational materials for the children or even sponsor a child during his/she’s educational life. By setting an example on how to use the available resources correctly only then can we raise awareness and make sure that our mission is a success.

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