Our Strategies

People’s participation is the main motto of the organization. So, we are always keenly watching how the people of community can get themselves prepared to take part in social tourism activities and make them pivotal in the success of such activities. 

Championing of deprived groups of people is an important strategy. Without assuring their participation, the social tourism activities become partially complete. So, we focus on participation of community to let them choose and explore their necessity.

Research and Development is the key to success any project. Continuous research helps to explore the new areas of work and also help to band the social tourists with the community.

Awareness building among stakeholders on the need for, benefits of mechanisms is a key element to support operational practises, equipment and facilities. So, Social Tourism Nepal is always committed to raise the awareness to all the stakeholders’ homely government, private institutions, community to cooperate each other to increase the value of ethical tourism in Nepal.

Understanding the need of sustainable tourism activities, Social Tourism Nepal is always concerned to integrate the image of Nepal as a nature and community friendly destination in the world.

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