Livelihood Support and Sustainability

Social Tourism Nepal together with many others has found a decrease in Livelihood Support and Sustainability in the rural areas of Nepal. Many farmers and other agricultural workers are forced to undersell their products and to move away due to the depletion of natural resources in their home areas. Although there are various efforts to aid in Livelihood Support and Sustainability, these methods are very simple and only based on supply solutions. Social Tourism Nepal finds that in the long run these efforts are not the answer to this growing problem. Only by educating the locals on advanced farming techniques, ground nourishment and marketing skills to increase profits of their products can we aid in the Livelihood Support and Sustainability of the rural villages in Nepal. By combining tours and treks with organized programs in the rural agricultural villages, Social Tourism Nepal plans to increase the Livelihood Support and Sustainability. By aiding in this program participants can enjoy the beautiful landscape and culture Nepal has to offer and in return help to increase the Livelihood Support and Sustainability of the local farmers. By providing proposals to the local government we can get the needed support and start the project. This can be a long process and we must have patience. Once we get the support of the local government then we can start our program. Our participants can help build new irrigation systems and teach how to improve land fertility and how to decrease deforestation. In order to better understand the situation in the rural villages Social Tourism Nepal organizes an 8 to 9 days Nepal Tour. During this tour our participants can learn about the current situation and gain the necessary knowledge how to approach the rural communities. Many of the local farmers still use outdated farming techniques, this in turn causes a very long and hard farming process that can result in a bad crops. By making the locals realize other new techniques are available that are easy to implement and reward you with quality crops. Another main issue in the local areas is land depletion and deforestation. Due to the increase in population many forests are being cut down for their natural resources, this causes an upset in the eco system and many wildlife animals are forced to migrate. Only together can we make a difference!

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