Health & Hygiene

Social Tourism Nepal aims to drastically improve the current health and hygiene in the rural areas of Nepal. Many of the villages in the remote areas refuse conventional medicine due to superstition and or cultural influence. Unfortunately this leads to preventable fatalities and Social Tourism Nepal together with your help can educate the rural communities on the importance of modern health and hygiene. By visiting the local communities before the arrival of our participants Social Tourism Nepal can explain the basic necessities of public and personal hygiene. In so will not only the villages and guest homes be clean and hygienic for our participants but the locals will also increase their own health and hygiene. This is our ultimate goal and in order to achieve this we need the support from the local government. With your help can we organize various health benefit programs, donate medical supplies and materials, help build facilities and in slowly make an undeveloped village in to a self-sustained area. In order to understand the situation better Social Tourism Nepal lets our participants enjoy an educational journey in Nepal for about 8 to 9 days. This is very important in order to be as a foreign participant more integrated in the cultural system of Nepal.

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