Gender Awareness & Empowerment

Social Tourism Nepal focusses on 4 major aspects in its Women Empowerment & Gender Awareness Program: Rights & Life Skills, Education to increase employment or self-management, Income generation and local government support. Although the world has entered an advanced area many rural areas haven’t adapted to Women’s Rights. In Nepal’s rural villages, many woman have had little education, no independent income or even land rights to be able to feel secure and confident. Being dependent on their men for their welfare these woman are always victims of social and cultural discrimination. Social Tourism Nepal believes we can together with your help improve Women Empowerment & Gender Awareness within these rural communities. To start these programs we must first gain the support of the local government. For this we can with your valuable help design proposals and increase awareness to the local government.
        Once we get its support we can start to approach the communities and advise them to increase their public and personal hygiene so that when our participants arrive everything will be hygienic. This does not only make them aware about public hygiene but also increases their vitality. Every program can take many months to complete and unfortunately not every participant has the time to see it from beginning to end. As we need to have a basic knowledge about Nepal and its cultural aspects, Social Tourism Nepal lets you enjoy an 8 to 9 days educational tour in Nepal. By focusing on our 4 projects Social Tourism Nepal can raise awareness and help establish a country where in every woman can grow up independent, strong, confident and self-providing. In order to encourage women to enter skilled or leadership related jobs in the private sectors, Social Tourism Nepal will educate and train the necessary skills to the women of the rural areas. As we also need to increase the role models of these women to increase their confidence it is crucial that with your help we can change the way of life and enlarge Women Empowerment & Gender Awareness. By setting up local training centers organizing classes together with your help we can teach these women, international communication skills, self-managing skills, income generating ideas and women rights.

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