Social Tourism Nepal promotes Ecotourism to increase environment awareness while traveling to the remote areas of Nepal. We invite all capable participants to take part in an 8 to 9 days cultural tour of Nepal to get a better understanding of the environmental situation and the cultural difference in Nepal. Social Tourism Nepal provides environment friendly tours and treks that focus on the preservation of the environment, the natural trails and the habitats of the local wildlife. Social Tourism Nepal together with you can raise awareness to the local government, communities and future travelers to preserve the natural beauty of Nepal. Organizing tours, jungle safaris, treks and adventure or nature activities Social Tourism Nepal’s main goal is to increase ecotourism while focusing on preserving the culture and the environment. We will need to support of the local government to make sure the local community stays on the correct path For this Social Tourism Nepal can with your help make the correct programs and proposals to the local government and get their needed support! Every program can take months to complete and many participants can’t see this great endeavor from start to finish. In order for every participant to be a part of their participated project, Social Tourism Nepal keeps contact info and updates on every step of the program. Our valuable participants can furthermore help with program designing, hand construction and the teaching of new and advanced techniques to the local community.

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