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By Anna- Karin, Swiden

By Anna- Karin, Swiden

Sep 23, 2019

I have 72 days Nepal Experience.  Along the time I visited many different places and I would like to share some information. First of all I would like to thank to Social Tourism Nepal for connecting me with their wide community-based tourism network.
Spiritual Sightseeing  I had made in Nepal
  1.    Badimalika Temple (Bajura District)
Badimalika Temple (Bajura): This temple is located in Triveni Municipality of Bajura District of Far western of Nepal which is known as Sudurpaschim Pradesh. Badimalika Temple is the one of the major temples in Nepal which dedicated to Bhagwati. The major annual festival is Malika Chaturdashi which is held in every year in this temple. This temple is served by two priests one from Kalikot District and another priest from Bajura District.
Major festivals: During the month of Bhadra every year there is a fair and in this fair pilgrim come from all over the Nepal come to observe it. Pilgrims belief that their wish be filled if they pray at this temple. The two official fairs are Ganga Dashara and Janai Purnima which is considered as the major festivals of this temple.
Getting There: We have to make different trek lasting 2-3 days to reach Badimalika Temple from Martadi, the headquarter of Bajura district. This temple is located in remote location and still now the route of temple is not well developed, facilities of lodges and restaurants is not available for travelers to rest and eat. Traveler need to carry all necessary amenities by themselves during the travel time. During the trek time we can see various species of wild flowers, various domestic animals like sheep, goat, horse, and buffaloes grazing on the hills.
By Road: To reach Martadi by road first of all we have to go to Mahendranagar, Dhangadi, Tikapur or Nepalgunj. We get vehicle from here to reach Martadi. Kathmandu to Bajura bus facility also available nowadays from Newbuspark, Kathmandu and bus leave Bajura from Kathmandu at morning time 10: 30 am in the morning and everyday one bus leave for Bajura district from Kathmandu, New buspark. The local People as well other people feel easy to reach there of availability of Transportation facility.
By air: There is no direct domestic flight for Bajura, first of all we have to reach Nepalgunj. From Nepalgunj we have to get domestic flight for Bajura. 
  1.    Ugratara Temple (Dadeldhura)
This is the one of the famous religious and tourist places of Far western development region Dadeldhura District. Ugratara temple is considered as the one of the Shakti Peeth in Far western Nepal and temple is located in Amargadhi Municipality of Dadeldhura headquarter. People from various place from Nepal and India come to worship here due to strong belief in this god. According to the view and voice of local people (old people) habitat nearby Ugratara the idol of the Ugratara was discovered when a man of the Saud family was ploughing his field. Later the temple was renovated by Nagmalla who is from the king of Doti abd king Birendra also assisted in further renovation. The main festivals celebrated at this temple is Maghe Sankranti, Baisakh Purnima and kartik Purnima. To celebrate this festival thousands of pilgrims, arrive to worship goddess from India and Nepal. Road transport is easily access in this temple because the temple is touched by Black toped road and the temple is located in the side of road so it is easy to find the location of Ugratara temple to new people also. This temple can be taken as the one of the famous tourist sites of dadeldhura district. Due to the lack of publicity about this Temple most of the people were unknown about it.
  1. Tripura Sundari Bhagwati Temple (Baitadi):
Tripura Sundari Bhagwati temple is only 3km far from district headquarter of Baitadi district. Among the various Gods and Goddess in far western Development region Tripura Sundari Bhagwati is one of the most famous and important temples of Sudur Paschim. This temple is located in the Dashrathchand Municipality of Baitadi district. This temple has its own faith religion culture and tradition. This temple is designed and constructed in the form of pagoda and style and decorated with red colored marble which believe that the red color indicated the symbols of goddess Bhagwati. Local people play important role to conserve the natural beauty of this temple as well as surrounding of the temple. It is located at the top of the hill and we can see Jhulaghat market on the base of this Temple. Jhulaghat market symbolize the border line between Nepal and India. Bus facility is easily available for this temple from the headquarter of Baitadi district.
Thousands of pilgrims from within and outside the country come to this temple with great hope during the special occasions like Sankranti, Poornima, Dashain, Gaura and Jaat (A type of local festival which is called Jatra in Kathmandu valley). Jaat a type of local festivals celebrated twice a year in the months of Asar and kartik. To make goddess happy hundreds of he-buffaloes and thousands of he-goats are sacrified on the occasion of Jaat. Local instruments are play and used by local people during the festivals and Jaat time for transferring goddess from main temple to branch temple. This transferring word is used as "Sawari" of god by the people. This temple also helps to attract the tourist and this temple also can be taken as the one of the important destinations for tourist. The environment around the place is peace which helps to remove our different problems. we can use this temple as a main source of income also. Facility of hotels and lodges easily available in this area. we can take this temple as another source of income for Baitadi district.
  1. Shaileshwori Temple (Doti): Shaileshwori temple is located in the Silgadhi which is considered as the headquarter of Doti district. we can take this temple as one of the few tourist destinations and religious place of far western development region of Nepal. People have great faith in this temple so that people worship and belief this temple as other forms of Bhagwati. Facility of bus from Dhangadhi, Kailali, Mahendranagar easily available for this temple. There is no direct bus facility available from kathmadu to reach in this place. If we make plan to visit this temple first of all we have to take bus from Kathmandu to Dadeldhura, Dhangadi,Tikapur and Mahendranagar. After that we get bus for Shaileshwori temple from this place. Before beginning any task, the inhabitants of silgadhi always pray Shaileshwori. We can see many statues of different gods and goddess like Shiva, Ganesh, Bhairab and masta. On the occasion of Kartik Purnima a large number of pilgrims from Nepal and India visit the temple. The environment around the temple is so good. We can listen the sound of bell ring around the area of this temple. Bhatta is considered as the main priest of this temple. Due to the access of good road and transportation system we can easily reached this place and we do not face any problems because the transportation facility is available from the main gate of this temple. For the preservation of this temple local government also allocated for the budget for this temple. Local government as well as local people conduct different awareness programs and make different rules what to follow while entering the temple and what things are not allowed from the gate. We can take this temple as the one of the incomes generating of the people of the Silgadhi of Doti district.  
  2. Baglung Kalika Temple (Baglung): Baglung Kalika Temple was built by Pratap Nayarayan in late 1990s.This temple is located in the western region of Nepal Baglung Distict (Southeren bank of the kali Gandaki river).  we can see different small of different gods and goddees like Shiva, Radha Krishna and Laxmi Narayan inside the temple of Baglung Kalika. Thousands of pilgrims from different parts of Nepal as well as from other parts come to visit this temple. In this temple not only Hindu devotes come to worship here Tantriks from all over the world come in this temple to get knowledge in their field. Marriage with great belief also conducted inside the temple of Baglung kalika temple because people believe that marriage life will be happy if bride and bridegroom get blessings from Baglung Kalika. This temple is crowded with devotes during the time Navaratri because many devotes from different corner of Nepal come to celebrate the festivals. People from different places also come here to worship to get victory over their enemies, to make family life happy and to solve the different problems. Transportation facility is easily available to reach Baglung Kalika Temple. This temple also can be considered as the one of the famous and important places for tourist and for economic improvement. Direct bus facilities (Day and Night) available from Kathmandu to get there. we can get chance to observe Chaityedashai mela in this temple if we go there during the month of Chaitra in Chaityedashai.
  3. Galeshwor Shiva Ji Mandir (Galeshwor Myagdi):  This temple is situated in Myagdi district of western Development Region. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to reach in this place from Beni Bazar. Many pilgrims from different parts of country come in this temple for worship and for visit. "Baikuntha mela" is one of the famous and important mela of this temple which is observe during the month of mangshir and in this month many devotes come to celebrate the mela. The date of establishment of this temple is still unknown. The present structure which we see and worshipped was built in 1963. The object which we worship in this temple is rock. We can easily find different piece of Shaligram in this temple. Shivaratri, Balachaturdashi, are the main festivals of this temple which is observed and celebrated in the month of Falgun and Kartik. Facilities of transportation and hotels, lodges are easily available in this temple during the time of Mela and Jatra.
  4. Muktinath Temple (Mustang): This temple is located at an altitude of 3710m above sea level and situated 24km northwest of Jomsom. Muktinath temple is known as Vishnu temple also. Hindus followers and Buddhist followers come to visit this temple. This temple is located in the Mustang district of Nepal. Transportation facility also easily available for this temple from different parts of Nepal. we can see 108 waterspouts in the backyard of Muktinath temple which is called Muktidhara from where frozen water is nonstop flowing from bull head, and two Kunda (Ponds) in front the temple. Those who take baths in 108 waterspouts and two kunda believes to bring salvation in their life. The months which will be suitable to visit Muktinath temple are March, April,May,June September, October, and November because during these months weather will be clear and snowcapped mountain can be closely observed. Massive Earthquake (2015) has not affect Muktinath Temple and this temple is totally safe and secure to travel.This temple also can be one of the famous and most important place trekking and to visit tourists. Muktinath temple is lie in conservation and trekking zone so we have to take permission from Annapurna Conservation Area project and Trekker's Information Management permit. The weather around this temple is suitable for every pilgrim.  
  5. Kankrebihar Temple (Surkhet): Kankrebihar is also one of the famous temples of Nepal. This temple is located in Birendranagar Municipality of Surkhet district. Transportation facility is easily available from the Latikoili of surkhet to reach in this beautiful temple. Green Jungle, Various species of birds and good sceneries are the main attraction of Kankrebihar temple. This temple is rich in its arts. People of different community and people from different places come in this temple for trekking, refreshment, picnic and to see the rich art of Kankrebihar temple. we can see different gods and goddess of Hindu and Buddhist religion. The shape of this temple is like a seed of Cucumber so this temple is called Kankrebihar. According to the opinion of the local people of this area "The Pandavs" (hero of Mahabharat) come in this area and build cottage for living and for passing Banbas period. Day by day this place is getting famous. The people who follow Buddhist religion from Japan, China, Tibet and many archelogies from different countries are visiting Kankrebihar Temple for finding more facts about and importance of Kankrebihar Temple. This temple can be taken as the one of the best destinations for trekking. Thousands of people from different countries come to visit Kankrebihar Temple. This temple plays vital role for the development of Surkhet district. Different programs are going to conducted by the local people of surkhet district for the preservation of Kankrebihar Temple. kankrebihar is the one of the famous Transportation committee (Kankrebihra Yatayat) which is used to travel for Kathmandu to surkhet and other parts of the Nepal.  
  6. Deuti Bajai Temple (Surkhet): This is the one of the most important temple of Mid-Western Development region of Nepal. This temple is situated in Birendranagar Municipality of Surkhet District. Transportation facility easily available for visiting this place. The environment around this temple is nice. People from different places come to worship Deuti Bajai. Deuti Bajai is also considered as the one of the powerful goddesses in Surkhet district. The history of Deuti Bajai temple is related with "RaJI" societ's people. Only the people who belong from Raji society is allowed to pray and worship in this temple.  Many people start their new job, married life, business and other important work by worshipping and receiving blessing of goddesses. Everyday people from different place cone here to worship. Facility of road, small teashop for lunch and photo studio is easily available in this temple. It takes only five to 10 minutes to reach in this place from surkhet Buspark by vehicles and only 20 t0 30 minutes by walking. we can see the name of Deuti in some buses which moves from Kathmandu to surkhet and the name of bus is Deuti Deluxe.
Other Spiritual sightseeing tour in Nepal are as follows:
  1. Jagdishpur Taal (Kapilvastu)
  2. Devghat (Chitwan)
  3. Thakurdwara Temple (Bardiya)
  4. Daune Devi (Nawalparasi)
  5. Chaudhary Group (C.G.) Nawalparasi
  6. Pathibhara (Taplegunj)
  7. Paanch Pokhari (Salyan)
  8. Dolakha Bhimsen (Dolakha)
  9. Ghatal Baba (Dadeldhura)
  10. Bhageshwor (Dadeldhura)
  11. Bharakune Daha (Barah Kshetra) (Dang)
  12. Dupcheshwor Mahadev (Nuwakot)
  13. Tribeni Dham (Nawalparasi)
Jagdishpur Taal (Kapilvastu): This place is considered as the one of the most tourist attraction place of Nepal. Jagdishpur Taal is situated in Kapilvastu district, Kapilvastu Municipality ward number 9 of Kapilvastu district. This taal lie in 11km to the north of Taulihawa, the headquarter of Kapilvastu district. The surface area and altitude of this taal is 225 hectares (556 acres), 197m (646ft) and maximum mater depth of this taal varies between 2m (6.6ft) in the dry season and 7m (23ft) in the dry season. The cultivated land around this taal is habitat for a large number of birds. we can use this place as the most important birds watching place because birds from different countries in different season mostly 45 different birds' spices and many more than this. The students of Forestry and environment use this place as their research work and large numbers of tourists from Britain and Australia come here for birds watching.
 Bharakune Daha (Barah Kshetra) (Dang): One of the most important religious destination of Nepal is Bharakune Daha which is located in mid-western development region of Nepal (Dang district) Ghorahi Municipality. The area of this area is five hectares. There is one believed that this lake is emerged at about 1991/92 B.S. This lake has its own religious beliefs. Many pilgrims from different parts of country arrived here in the month of Mangshir to Magh (Nov to Jan). People come in this lake to take Bath and to worship the god Lord Barah. Offering of Lamb at the southern part of the lake is the one of the most important features of this place. On the last day of month of poush and first day of magh a large fair is organized in this Daha called Bharakune Daha mela where different cultural pogroms also held. The people from Rolpa, Pyuthan, Salyan come in this mela for selling local products like pure honey, beans, rice and many more. Famous historical place called Maulakot is situated in the northern part and Jyamire Daha is situated in the western part of this daha. This place is suitable for trekking and for the study of flora and fauna. Transportation facility for this place is easily available from Ghorahi, Tulsipur, Lamahi and other parts of Dang district.
Maulikalika Temple (Gaidakot): Situated in 561meters (1841ft) above sea level, on the top of Maula hill on the north of Narayani River.  This is a famous Hindu temple of Goddess Kalika which is located in Gaindakot a famous town of Nawalparasi district in Lumbini Zone of Nepal. Maulikalika Temple is considered as famous and tourist growing destination of Gaidakot Municipality of Nepal. History said that during 16th century king of Palpa created a symbolic offering site (Maula) in the name of goddess Kalika. According to the Hindu mythology Goddess Kali or Kalika is considered as the symbol of energy, power and new beginning. Local people of this area renovated this temple several times. Now there is no permission of sacrificing the animals in this temple.
Maulikalika is one of the nearest religious places. It takes only 5hous by bus to reach there. Pilgrims from Birgunj, Lumbini and Near Indian Boarder people also come in this temple for worship. The donated money which is collected in this temple can used for its maintenance. If donors donated high standards of amount in this temple than the name of donors will be printed on Marble- board for permeant records to display to the public people. Nearly 18000 people visit this area per year. The local  people as well as other  who always busy in their daily work come in this temple during the morning time for health reason , jogging and morning walk.           

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