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By Cynthia, Spain

Nov 06, 2017

After visiting Kathmandu and Pokhara, Sauraha is taken as one of the most important tourist destinations in Nepal. Sauraha is located 7km from Tandi which lies in east-west Highway. From Kathmandu, Sauraha is 162 Km west of Kathmandu.
Sauraha lies in the Ratnagar Municipality of Chitwan district. This is also one of the most important and famous place for a visit.  The total population of Sauraha is 2699 according to the census of 1991. Sauraha is closed by the Rapti River. Beautiful town of Sauraha is filled with hotels, resorts, restaurants and gift shops.
Tharu village of mud as well as daub huts and houses with mud and hotels can be easily in easily as well as the taste of Tharu community food can be easily find in Sauraha.
Chitwan Nationa park which is rich in Natural beauties and Biodiversity has become the one of the famous destination for tourist as well as Nepali. We can get chance to observe different types of wild animals birlds by Jeep Safari and by Elephant safari.
Tharu cultural dance is the one of the most important cultural program of Tharu which can be observe by Paying the money during the evening Time in Sauraha. Elephant batha as well as Sunrise and sun set is another important thing of Sauraha which  we can see by our eyes directly.
Sauraha is famous place for the study also for the students of Environmental Science as well as Ntural Resources Managemt. Even Sauraha lies the Terai region of Nepal but the environment is not too hot and the environment is fantastic.
 In every year Elephant race, bullock art race, tanka race and elephant football competition are organized for the promotion of National and international tourists in every end of December.
Flight from Kathmandu to Bharatpur also available to reach the Sauraha and Tourist buses from Kathamdu also available for Sauraha. The time of depart of tourist bus from Kathmandu is 7 A.M. from Kantipath. More than 70 hotels and resorts are operating in Sauraha for providing service to the Tourist. Social Tourism Nepal organizes safari program including community volunteering, trekking and city tours in Nepal.

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